Uganda Gorilla Trekking Review

Uganda Gorilla Trekking Review

Mountain Gorillas, are giant, intelligent, listed as critically endangered species living in the wild. They are relatives to human beings with a 98% DNA. Mountain Gorillas are different kind of species from the lowland Gorillas, which inhabit in the forest of West Africa in Equatorial of Guinea, Gabon, Angola, Cameron, lowland Gorillas can only survive in captivity ‘zoo’ while the Mountain Gorillas live at a high altitude of Mountains in thick bamboo forest, at an elevation of 8,000 to 13,000 feet in 3 countries in Africa such as Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republican of Congo.

These wild apes contribute a lot to the tourism sector thus there are the main tourist attractions in these countries, everyone always has a best time having an encounter/thrilling moment which is unforgettable in their life time. Uganda has always been the perfect destination for every tourist to visit the mountain Gorilla. Gorilla trekking is an activity which takes 30-6hours in the Mother Nature to have a life time encounter with the mountain Gorillas.

Why Uganda

Why many tourists would chose Uganda for their Gorilla trekking, Uganda is a must visit country called the pearl of Africa. Uganda remains a beautiful country yet to be discovered, one of the best places for tour and travel in Africa.

First and foremost Uganda is known in the world, for having very nice and happy people. The people of Uganda are hospitable, welcoming with happy smiles and always willing to help.

Visit one of the countries that will welcome you, visit the east to west, south to north and the central parts and meet the most loving people ever to meet.

With its 10 beautiful national parks which are unique and different from other .why would one chose Uganda for the Gorilla trekking activity? In all the countries protecting the mountain Gorillas, Uganda has one of the biggest number of mountain Gorillas left in the wild with over 400 mountain Gorillas inhabiting the Bwindi impenetrable national park and 40 inhabiting the Mgahinga national park.

Uganda have 12 Gorilla families which are habituated, these families are located in different sectors of the park including Ruhija, Buhoma, Rushaga, Nkuringo.

most tourist when travelling for a gorilla trekking tour in Uganda they enjoy a beautiful encounter of different stopover such as the equator, the beautiful sceneries of rolling hills, cultivated lands, culture centers, views of the volcanoes mountain, view of the worlds deepest crate lake and many more.

In Uganda purchasing a Gorilla permit depends on first come first serve while the other countries inhabiting the mountain Gorillas the permits are based on the age, health and the fitness of the trekkers.

When you talk about the political stability, Uganda becomes one of the 3 countries which is politically stable in the last 30 years hence this leading to a high increase of Gorilla trekkers in Uganda, since tourist always visit the peaceful countries.

Climate, Uganda is one of the countries which lies on the equator although the climate is not equatorial due to the facts such as relief, water bodies and the green vegetation ,with this beautiful climate Uganda grows fresh food and fruits which you can enjoy during your stay on your Gorilla safari holiday.

Comparing to a number of lodges, Uganda is one of the best countries with a number of lodges accommodating the Gorilla trekkers compared to Rwanda.

Uganda is the only country with the habituation experience this is done in the Rushaga sector of Bwindi.

Cost of Gorilla tour.

When one wants to trek the Gorillas, you must need a gorilla cost to know what is required to plan a Gorilla tour in Uganda.

In Uganda a gorilla tour can be planned for a minimum of 3 days. Gorilla tour cost breakdown depends on 3 things, accommodation, permits and transport.

Accommodation aspects when trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park, you must plan for the accommodation.

Where you will stay at least to or three night, before and after a Gorilla trek in Uganda .all the sectors protecting Gorillas have lodges ranging from budget, midrange and luxury rate.

Budget accommodations range from $50-$60 USD, Midrange from $80-120 USD and luxury lodges from $800 USD and above.

There many accommodations  in Bwindi impenetrable national park including Gorilla safari lodge, Gorilla havens lodge,Buhoma lodge,Gorilla forest camp, Buhoma community rest camp,Buhoma lodge and many more.

Transport fact about the cost of Gorilla tour, when you’re going for a Gorilla trekking one has to choose either to drive or fly.

Any of the two means of transport has a cost. Although it’s expensive to fly to the national parks and avoid encountering with the traffic jam in order to save time.

When you chose to drive there different means of transport you can use including vans, land rovers and land cruisers depending on your budget.

Permits, a must pay cost if you want to trek the mountain Gorillas in Uganda. A permit is part of a cost of a gorilla tour. A gorilla permit is a document that allows you to access the mountain Gorillas, it costs a standard fee of $600 USD during the high season and the low seasons a cost of $450 USD. And a cost of $1500 per person who wants the habituation experience.

When to go for gorilla trekking in Uganda.

The seasons to trek are the high seasons which makes the trek easier on your tour.

Although Gorilla trekking is regarded as a year round activity, the best season to go Gorilla trekking is during the two dry seasons, the months of January and February and from June to September.

The season the forest are not muddy and makes the trekking easier.

Choosing a tour operator in Uganda,

When you’re choosing the best tour operator in Uganda, there both registered and unregistered tour companies in Uganda for safari, searching for the right company may take you some good work and one must compare all the companies basing on different views.

However there some help you can consider to help you in choosing the right tour company, Everyday, different tour companies come up.

Find out if the company is a member of Association of Uganda Tour Operators Association (AUTO).

Many companies come up with the website and are not licensed by the government of Uganda, they have continued to steal tourists’ money by putting their names and picture of being the best tour operators, although the government is trying to fight the number of these fake tour companies.

Some companies use the log of AUTO on their website, when actually their not members of AUTO, don’t always be contented with that always your advised to visit the AUTO website to check on the list of Tour companies and find out if the company your contacting is really a member of AUTO.

Before making any decision with any operator, check if the company has some reviews on trip advisor or on safari booking websites this will help to get knowledge about the safaris which were carried out by the past clients who contacted the company.

The company’s reviews can be either positive or negative, then this gives you time to think twice.

The reviews will help you determine if the company is reliable, trust worthy, offer the best hospitality. Google the company on social Medias such as Google plus, Facebook, linked in, and many more.

If the company keeps updating the social media this can help you to understand the office is active with its services.

Study the website of different companies if they have location, if the offices are in open places.

Find out if the operator has is informed and gives you the right information, he/she should be able to fit in a position to answer all the questions asked by you.

Where to stay on your Gorilla safari holiday in Uganda, Generally Uganda is a hospitality countries as you had read before Uganda has happy people, trust me if you visit Uganda just know you’re a home away from home, it’s the best home any one would wish to stay forever and enjoy unforgettable experience of a life time  moment.

Gorillas are located in areas which are near by people and on your safari holiday these areas have a number of lodges which offer the best accommodates.

Purchasing a Gorilla permit. Before you travel you must book a permit 3 months pro to your travel the permits purchased a day their limited to only 80 numbers of Gorilla permits.

You must contact a tour operator who is a member of AUTO, the operator will advise you on how to purchase a gorilla permit.

The permits are issued by out by the Uganda wildlife Authority on abases of first come to serve.

Better use a tour operator to purchase a gorilla permit although there is a possibility of purchasing using  the Uganda wildlife Authority but their slow to returning calls and emails.

Tips on trekking Gorillas

Plan your trip in advance

Before travelling to Uganda for your gorilla trekking book in advance pro to 3months of your trip in order to purchase your permit earlier.

Purchase a permit

Book a gorilla permit with a tour operator, book it through the tour operator who will help you purchase a permit at the Uganda Wild Life Authority.

A lot of competition runs through out the year to purchase a permit.

Interest before buying a permit

The permit you’re holding determines where a trekker will carry out the activity in the sector and the accommodation. Bwindi has regions and these regions determine where one can trek, a simple trek one is advised to trek in Buhoma or Ruhija.

For those who need a challenging one they must trek the Rushaga sector, although the southern sector must be avoided because of the high altitude for those who have a problem.

There fore let the tour operator know your condition.

Which sector would you like to trek?

Bwindi is large has different sectors you must chose one of these ,Buhoma ,Rushaga ,Nkuringo this determines which sector you prefer to trek .

Note: Uganda is a country in Africa with friendly people who respect their culture

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