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How to save Mountain Gorillas

How to save Mountain Gorillas; Mountain Gorillas, are listed as critically endangered wild species inhabiting the in the tropical rain forests of Africa.
The mountain Gorillas live in the volcanoes national park of Rwanda, Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo, Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park in Uganda.
The countries where mountain Gorillas live, came together in partnership with the local people and the international conservation organizations to put together strong conservation measures that would save mountain Gorillas.

One way to protect and save mountain Gorillas, is visiting the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, by paying a fee levied by the respective boards governing the wildlife in each country.
The fee you’re paying helps to conserve these habitants, and also to cater for the environment where the local people live.
In order to protect the mountain Gorillas you should not trek the Gorillas if you’re sick.
Gorillas are like humans and susceptible to infectious diseases that are affect us.
The research which is always conducted by the veterinary doctors, has proved that mountain Gorillas have died in big numbers as a result of infectious diseases from people.
The most infectious diseases range from colds which leads to pneumonia. So to avoid and save mountain Gorillas the national parks authority ask everyone who is feeling sick not to be allowed to trek the mountain.
There is a rule which was established to stay or stand ‘7 meters’ away from the Gorillas during the encounter in order to reduce on the infectious diseases,
The tourists should practice the rules to back away and avoid touching the wild apes.
The meters should be observed, even when the Gorillas wonder in the tourist’s lodges and camps. One should stay away until they move away this rule helps to save the mountain Gorillas.
To save the mountain Gorillas, one must spread the word about saving the mountain Gorillas by telling other friends about them.
Gorillas are the wild apes which are growing in big number with over 880 left in the world. While your buying crafts you’re not advised to buy products made with the mountain Gorilla parts, Gorillas are targeted by poachers, in order to stop poaching one is not allowed to but any product from an animal. Gorillas are at times trapped during hunting.
The poachers’ presence may lead to the spread of infectious diseases. Therefore if one has doubt of the product you’re advised not to buy it.
When visiting the Gorilla trekking regions you’re encouraged to do other activities, most visitors only trek the Gorillas and leave.
However there other activities which can be added to the Gorilla trekking, By involving yourself in an activity the revenue earned helps the local people to protect the mountain Gorillas habitats.
One can as well support the local community including their business, the more the local people share with the Tourism revenue and benefit, the more likely they will want to protect the habitats, their local restaurants, shops and many more.
Always respect the limit of numbers which are conducted during the trek, you’re always grouped in 8 numbers.
Following the rules we help hand in hand to save the mountain Gorillas.

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