Reasons why Gorillas are Poached

Common Reasons why Gorillas are Poached

They have thick fur on their bodies, these gorillas are forced further in the forests because of life threats such as poaching which forces them to endure dangerous and deadly conditions.

Gorillas have a 98% DNA of human, although they face different threats including poaching. Gorillas are sensitive to every change in their inhabitant, even the mere presence of human beings is a threat to them.

Gorillas are continuously disturbed by cattle herds, collectors of grass and honey, poachers are also active in the national parks despite the strict laws set up. Gorillas are poached, when the poachers set traps in particular areas, in order to catch antelopes and other animals.

How ever, when the traps are set Gorillas end up getting into the traps too and often they don’t succeed in removing the wires. During such a scenario, they end up losing a hand or foot at times end up dying. Sometimes the vets are able to remove the traps in the groups that are already habituated to people.

The hunting pressure on the western Gorillas is very high. Gorillas are still killed for their meat by the local people even if they know that’s it’s illegal.

Some local people such as farmers often kill Gorillas because they raid their fields (One gorilla family can destroy the whole garden).Another way how gorillas are threatened is the increasing habit of habitat destruction. deforestation  of the rain forest leads to isolation of small forest ,which the animals are already used to and can not leave them any more because there is no habitat any more.

George Schaller considered poaching as critical for the survival of the eastern gorillas. However the forests protecting these endangered species are still disturbed by the logging companies which are in need of timber, their cleared away for cultivation. Roads are constructed to transport the timber.

In return, it leads to increased hunting of food for the workers hence they slash and burn the cultivation. The bush meat and timbers always transported in cities   including that of Gorilla meat.

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