Tips for Mountain Gorilla Tracking

Best Tips for Mountain Gorilla Tracking

Bwindi impenetrable national park is located in the southwestern part of uganda, about 530km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. The park is one of the largest montane low land forest and Bwindi is the main park in Uganda protecting the mountain Gorillas in the wild.

We will assist you in making your gorilla tracking dream in Africa come true below is the information to guide you on Gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest. Facts about mountain Gorillas they can only be found in the forests and the ones in the zoo are lowland Gorillas, mountain Gorillas can only be found in three countries Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republican of Congo.

Bwindi has 11 Gorilla families which are located in different sectors including Ruhija, Buhoma, Nkuringo, and Rushaga when buying your permit you must be careful on where you will trek from.

Mountain Gorillas are worthy your trip thousands that go for trekking you willl never hear a regret from any of the trekkers Goriilla trekking is priceless activity in life with a price of USD 600.

Plan your trip in advance

When you have a plan of trekking mountain Gorillas plan 6months pro to your trip in order to book your permit  as their things you can put into consideration and enjoy a successful Gorilla trek.

Purchase a permit

One needs a permit before trekking in Bwindi and this permit must be booked through a tour operator,once you book your permit your in for the trekk in Uganda their issued out by the Uganda wildlife Authority  through the tour operators. There might be a shortage of Gorilla permits so first come first serve is the only way out.

Interest before buying a permit

As mentioned about the permit your holding determins where you will be trekking in the sector and the accommodation.Bwindi has sectors and all these sectors can determin for those who need a simple trek i advise to trek in Ruhija or Buhoma.

If one needs a challanging one then trekking through Rushaga sector is better if one  has a problem with altitude then treking through the southern sector must be avoided. There fore contact the Tour operator before booking your permit.

Which sector would you like to trek?

Trekking through Bwindi  depends on where one wants to trek .Bwindi has for regions and also these regions have different families to trek ,Buhoma has 3 families ,Ruhija 3 families,Rushaga 5 families,Nkuringo has 1 family therefore the permit determins where one is to trek in any of the sectors.

How is Gorilla trekking done?

The whole process of Gorilla trekking starts early morning where you wake up early morning prepare take breakfast go to the restaurant pick up your packed lunch ,the guide will drive you to the park headqauters for a short breifing about Gorilla trekking and then a walking stick.

you will start the trail depending on the Gorilla family you want to trekk you will definitly be divided into 8 people in every group per family with a ranger and a guide.

When trekking through the forest one might have a chance to spot out the white Colobus monkeys, Chimpanzees, elephants,birds,tree species.

The  trekk takes 30minutes to 6 hours depending where the mountain Gorillas are located trek through the forest.

Finally when you encounter with the mountain Gorillas you only allowed to spend one hour and one more hour to enjoy your packed lunch.after return to the park headquarters for a Gorilla ceremony and to receive your certificate.

The guide will be ready to drive you back to the lodge.

Gorilla trekking rules and regulations

Your visit to the mountain Gorillas should not decrease on their number but rather increase according to the 2013 census their only 800 mountain Gorillas left in the wild .

Basically you need to know each Gorilla family is visted by 8 needs to stand 7 meters away from the wild apes.

No dumping of rubbish any how this may cause the Gorillas to eat and die.

One with infectious disease like caugh and flu  many more.must not visit the mountain Gorillas .Aviod eye contact with the Gorillas and flash camers the best thing to do is to follow what your guide and ranger is telling.

Best time to trek mountain Gorillas.

Gorilla trekking can be done through out the whole  year although dry months like june,july ,August  and september are more prefered to travel in and trek in Bwind  and the firest becomes easier to trekk in.

Although during dry season the permits are high compared to low season where they are sold at a low cost of  USD 450 the wet season include April,may  and  November and clients tend to avoid the steep slopes which are slippery.

Porters and walking stick

One is advised to use a walking stick to hekp trek on these hills and steep slopes walking sticks are provided at the  lodges if you dont find them then at  the park headqauters .

If your not fit for the trek your advised to gon with a porter with you who will give you a push/pul  when you cant do it any more.

This Porter will also help to carry your heavy bags  and also things you must not carry with you when you approach the mountain Gorillas their things you must not have like packed lunch,Gorillas may approach you and want to test the food which may turn into charging something which is not good during the trekk.

What to wear or pack for mountain Gorillas.

Since the forest is thick with steep slopes one needs to prepare what to wear ,there you need hiking boots,long sleeved shirts and trousers,you need  glooves some shrubs might itch you .

A hut and glasses as well as energy giving  foods.insect repellent,your camera you may get a big chance to take pictures.

Transport and Accommodation

Find out first the side/sector which suites your interest then booking of your accommodation will follow. The Tour operator must know the level of accommodation which suites you the lodges range according to Budget,mid-range and luxury .

The same applies to transport you may chose to travel in land cruisers, super custom,land rovers depending on your budget to can option to travel using a flight their daily flights to Bwindi.

Note: Uganda is a country in Africa with friendly people  who respect their culture


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