4 Days Gorilla Trek

Best place to see gorillas in Africa

There are only 3 countries in Africa protecting the mountain Gorillas including Uganda,Congo and Rwanda with these wild apes of Mountain Gorillas which are reportedly as the endangered species still survive in Volcanoes in the northwest of Rwanda, virunga Volcanoes of the central part, mgahinga in the south west part of Uganda,Virunga in the Democratic Republican of Congo,and a separate national ‘Bwindi national park’ located in the southwest part of Uganda.
They are said to be 880 in total mountain Gorillas inhabiting the national parks; none of the mountain Gorillas live in captivity ‘zoo’.
‘The question is; what is the best place to see the mountain Gorillas in the world? ‘Most people tend to ask the question about where they should visit the mountain Gorillas.
Gorilla trekking is similar in all the 3 countries, and to avoid harassing the mountain Gorillas, maximum numbers of people are allowed to trek each family Group.
In all the 3 countries, the most visited for Gorilla trekking is Uganda and Rwanda; and for Congo the country is still facing political instability making it hard for visitors to trek the Gorillas in Congo.
Uganda, in this country which has only 12 Gorilla families within the two National parks with Bwindi having 11 families and Mgahinga 1 family in Uganda. The drive from Entebbe airport can take 9-10hours to reach the park headquarters of Bwindi and Mgahinga; while in Rwanda, it takes a maximum of 3 hours from the Airport to volcanoes national park. This leaves out Uganda in terms of driving to the national parks for trekking the Mountain Gorillas.
However; when traveling to the Bwindi Impenetrable National park for trekking the mountain Gorillas; there are other beautiful sceneries to view and a stopover, including the equator crossing and the rolling hills of kigezi.
Mountain Gorilla location
In Uganda, the Gorilla permits are served to first come first serve,well as in Rwanda, the permits are based on the age, health and fitness of the tourists. This makes Rwanda trekking more adoptable than in Uganda.
Costs of permits
Rwanda Gorilla permits are costs $1500 USD per permit, compared to the Uganda permits which are sold at a price of $600 USD per permit. As a result Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is considered more expensive than Uganda.
Viewing and photography
Rwanda; in Volcanoes national park , the forest and main vegetation is Bamboo with short grass that has caused the better viewing of the Gorillas and making photography better,within Uganda Bwindi Forest is referred to as the impenetrable which has resulted into poor results of viewing the Gorillas and making photography very difficult because of the tall trees in the forest.
Uganda has more accommodations within the four trails/sector of the national parks compared to Rwanda; within every sector there is a maximum of 5 lodges to accommodate tourists.
It is said Uganda is considered the best place besides mountain Gorillas with a number of activities; this gives Uganda a place of a lonely planate.The Country has a number of birds,The source of River Nile, Lake Victoria – the largest in Africa

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