Sipi Falls In Uganda

Sipi Falls In Uganda : Sipi falls is located in the Eastern region of Uganda in Kapchorwa district. The sipi falls derived its name from a word “Sep” which is commonly known as an indigenous plant that is seen as medicine and is normally used by the local people to treat many diseases like; malaria and measles. More so, this plant specie usually grows in the wild around the banks of the Sipi River and it has a banana shape. The Sipi falls is a good destination to visit while on a safari in Uganda because it gives you a good atmosphere and a cool environment in the surrounding to chill and relax away from the noisy places most especially in the cities and it is a good steep area with a good cold climate and tourists who are interested in trekking usually do it during the rain which may seem difficult but worth a good new experience.

Sipi Falls is situated at the foothills of Mount Elgon and is made up of three waterfalls and the unique thing about them is that the waters of each of these falls flows at different heights however the main waterfall is considered to be the largest compared to the other two and it is seen as the highest and the last in the sequence as it descends from a height of about 100 meters. More so, apart from the Sep as a plant species, the Kapchorwa region also grows the Arabic coffee as its main cash crop and it is cultivated at an area that is within the adjacent settlement and stands at an elevation between 1600 meters and 1900 meters above the sea level. More so, tourists exploring within the Sipi Falls get chances to interact with the local people within the area because there are majorly two ethnic tribes and that is; the Sabinyu and the Bagisu where they get to learn more and have a good time with the individuals. The tourists can also visit the three plantations where they are always accompanied with the park guides that lead them through.

Where to stay while exploring around the Sipi Falls.

More so, tourists who spend a whole their whole day exploring around the Sipi falls also have an opportunity to have their stay because there a number of comfortable and affordable accommodation facilities around that are always available for the guests. However, these lodging facilities are ranged and put in different classes such as; Budget, mid-range and Luxury which helps guests to choose where to stay according to their preferences and where it matches with their budget. Therefore, some of these accommodation facilities include; Sipi falls lodge, Sipi valet resort, Lacam lodge, Sunrise homestay, the crown’s nest camp, Rafiki lodge and many others.

Activities done while at Sipi Falls.

Tourists visiting the Sipi Falls and would love to explore more as they gain a new experience and create good memories can opt to engage themselves in many interesting activities such as;

Cultural encounters.

Tourists touring around the Sipi falls  as they visit the neighbouring communities usually get  chances to meet with the Sabinyu people and the Bagisu  where they happen to learn more about their history as they listen from their stories and also watch and observe their daily lifestyle. More so, these local people usually welcome and entertain their guests with their traditional dance performances, which happen to be very interesting to watch. Kapchorwa region is famously known because of its circumcision practices whereby they still do circumcision for both male and the female however, the circumcision of the women later reduced because it was considered very risky and dangerous.

Visiting the Sipi River.

Tourists exploring around the sipi falls do not only enjoy the classic views of the falls but also get to capture the classic views of the Sipi River and this is where they get to see the Sep plant too.

Sipi Falls In Uganda
Sipi Falls

Bird watching.

Visiting the Sipi falls while on a safari in Uganda is always a best option most especially fir the bird lovers too because sightseeing a number of bird species makes a trip a successful. Due to the fact that the these falls falls are within Mount Elgon national park which is well known to be a home to around 275 bird species, therefore this creates great opportunities for tourists to see bird species like; the black yellowed apalis, Jacksons francolin, black shouldered Kite, Lammergeyer, Tacazze sunbird and many others.

Apart from the mentioned above, there are many more other interesting activities that tourists can engage in such as; mountain biking, rock climbing and abseiling,  hiking to the sipi falls and guided nature walks among others.

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