Rwenzori mountain national park

Rwenzori mountain national park is situated in south western part of Uganda on the east side of the western (ALBERTINE) African rift valley lying along Uganda’s Border with Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Virunga national park.   Rwenzori Mountain is the UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural ORGANIATION) world Heritage site covering the total area of 998 km squared Characterized by Blue lakes, waterfalls, hiking trails, snow fields, alpine highland glaciers and many more. Rwenzori is the highest mountain in Uganda. The park has Africa’s highest peak (margarita peak) at 5,109 METERS above the sea level and it’s considered the third after Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya that gives life time experience when you hike to the top of the summit. Mount Rwenzori national park was established in 1991 and the natives call it Mountains of the moon due to its snowcapped peak. The RWENZORI Mountains are the most exciting and challenging Mountain ranges to Trek in the whole world.

Mount Rwenzori Park hosts over 70 mammal species that includes; Elephants, Giant forest hog, Rwenzori otter, Bushbucks and leopards but they are hardly seen. The park has primates as well that includes ; Blue monkeys, white and black monkeys , Angola colobus monkey, olive baboons and chimpanzees  and 217 bird species including the Albertine endemics as well as the rare vegetation. Some of the bird species include; Rwenzori Turaco, Long-eared owl, Handsome Francolin, Rwenzori Batis, Slender-billed starling, Cinnamon-chested bee-eater, Barred –long tailed cuckoo among others. The park offers hiking trails, stages and HUTS. Rwenzori can be visited with other destinations in the south west circuit that includes Kibale national park, Queen Elizabeth national park and maybe Bwindi impenetrable forest national park.

How to get there; you can be in Rwenzori National Park either by tour agent/company or self- drive. There are 2 routes to use when getting to the park. It takes approximately 5-6 hour’s drive (380km) from Kampala /Entebbe international airport via Masaka-mbarara –kasese road. You can also access the park by road from Kampala Through Mubende  ,fortportal to Kasese covering 437 kilometers and then 1-2 hours flight from Entebbe international airport to Kasese airstrip using Aerolink or bar aviation then stay in Kasese . You can access the Park Through 2 main entry point of Nyakalengija central circuit and Kilembe trail in KASESE . Please note that there are no accommodations in the park, ONE has to stay in KASESE or surrounding places.

Rwenzori mountain national park
Rwenzori mountain national park

There are 2 Hiking experience in Rwenzori that includes; Low altitude and high altitude. The low altitude trek won’t take you beyond 4,000 meters and lasts 2-4 days and the high altitude trek can take you above 4,000 meters that lasts between a weeks (4-8 days).  In other words if you want to summit margarita peak you have to spend minimum of 7 days at the mountain. Rwenzori trips ranges from 558$ per individual for a three day trek to 2,000$ for 10 days trek per person.

Entrance; the park charges Entrance fee that allows you access into. Entrance fee is that money charged by (government body) Uganda wildlife Authority in charge of Tourism from Tourists Before accessing the park promises. The standard rate for non-foreign residents is 35$ per person, 25$ per person foreign residents and 15$ per person Ugandan.

Mount RWENZORI national park have over five peaks that Include ; Mount stanely being on top with 5,109m High,  Mount Speke with 4,890 m, Mount Baker with 4,844m , MOUNT Gess with 4,715m , Mount Luigi da savoia 4,627m and Mount Emin with 4,791m on the side of Democratic republic of Congo. The park is known for its hiking trails. One should have a kit with essentials like a bandage for any twists, antidiarrheal like Imodium or some other sort, iodine wipes for any cuts, pain killers, moleskin, water, snacks  while hiking mt Rwenzori.

Some of the activities to do while in Rwenzori national park include; Hiking / climbing Volcano Mountains  to the summit, Nature walks , birding/ bird watching since the park has more bird species ,Cultural encounter  ,visiting the over 20 lakes like lake mahoma, bujuku etc, Village forest walk, camping , mountaineering and many more activities.

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