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Rwanda Gorilla Permits

Rwanda Gorilla Permits: Rwanda is one of the countries in African, with Mountain Gorillas which are inhabited in the volcanoes National Park .The Park is located 2 hours away from the Kigali international Airport in Kigali town.

The Gorilla permits are under the Rwanda Development Board an organization protecting wildlife and the wild apes in Rwanda. There 10 habituated Gorilla families in Rwanda and each family can only be visited by a number of 8 people per day, therefor a total of 80 people is permitted to visit the mountain Gorillas.

But, visiting the mountain Gorillas one needs to book in advance pro to 3 months of your travel to secure your Gorilla permit, since there are big numbers of people wishing to trek the mountain Gorillas you’re advised to book earlier.

Especially during the high seasons/dry seasons which is more favorable to trek with no much slippery and muddy terrain. Booking the permit one needs to contact a trusted tour operator under the Rwanda Development board.

Gorilla trekking permit costs.

Previously Gorilla permits were at a cost of $750 for Non Residents, East African Residents, East Africa citizens, Rwanda Residents, Rwandan Citizens but recently the RDB decided to increase the permits in order to support the economy and also the growing population of people inhabiting the national parks would benefit. At the hearing of the increase of Gorilla permits the communities were very excited with the news.

The permits are at a cost of $1500 for non Residents, East African Residents, Rwanda Residents, Rwanda citizen. And a 30% discount for visitors, visiting the other two national parks (Akagera and Nyungwe national park) for 3 days.

15% discounts on permits for visitors who are staying pre and post events but would like to add on Gorilla trekking on their activities. The $15000 is inclusive with a private trekking with a separate tour guide.


Gorilla trekking time

The briefing at the park headquarters always starts at 7am,the trekking takes 30 minutes to 6 hours a day depending on where the Gorillas are remember their wild animals they keeping moving.

Refund, A refund is given back to trekkers who managed to reach the park but show a Sign of illness 50% is shall be refunded back by the Rwanda Development Board.

Please also note that one must be 15 years and above of age to trek Mountain Gorillas.

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