Kwita Izina

Kwita Izina

Kwita Izina is a gorilla ceremony of naming new born baby gorillas. The ceremony is named after an ancestral act of baby naming newborns after birth. The ceremony is takes place in order to monitor each Gorilla and its group in their habitat.

The ceremony was created to bring the importance of protecting mountain Gorilla both to the local and international people. The ceremony was officially established in 2005 during the time Rwanda Development Board decided to take a step to support the conservation efforts.

This is not only a celebration of newborns but also to raise the awareness of protecting the endangered species at every level.

The ceremony takes place to celebrate the conservation efforts, it takes place in September with the aim to celebrate the efforts of on going programs of monitoring each Gorilla member in every group this action has helped to focus on the ecosystem and need for people to preserve the mountain Gorillas.

The ceremony takes place because of the Twin Mountain gorillas, it’s adorable, and a thrilling moment seeing twins of mountain Gorillas. In 2005 twins were born for the third time and the second time happened in 2012. This moment was a blessing for the conservation sector.

The ceremony is celebrated to launch community projects, which have resulted from sharing Tourism scheme. The Rwanda Development board supports the communities near by the Volcanoes national park for helping the tourism sector to conserve the mountain gorillas the celebrations have always been planed near every Rwanda national park which is major.

The naming ceremony of the Kwita Izina takes place on every 2nd September it features cultural performances from the local entertainers. The event welcomes over 20,000 people in Kinigi at the top of foothills of the volcanoes national park in the north part of Rwanda.

The naming of a baby mountain gorilla is considered a great honor, the names are chosen from both local and internal individuals giving a chance for everyone who has played a great contribution in conserving the mountain gorillas will have a chance to select a name.

Another reason for one to attend the Gorilla naming ceremony, is to bring a platform that will help to bring top quality tourism marketers in Africa to show case their products, the platform will bring an opportunity of networking. This will also bring the local people to learn about the tourism products and services where they will benefit from different offers at every exhibition.

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