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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda during Covid 19 Period

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda during Covid 19 Period

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda during Covid 19 Period is possible, and is currently taking place with all the necessary standards in place. The Covid 19 pandemic has ravaged the world since 2019 when it first broke out in China. With the coming of various vaccines that the world can actually use, a number of countries and governments have had their citizens and residents fully vaccinated, making them able to slowly get back to normalcy, though of course with caution as many others are still yet to be either vaccinated or fully vaccinated.

Uganda is one of the only three countries in the world to host the endangered mountain gorillas. mountain gorillas can be found only in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park of Uganda, Virunga National Park of the Congo and Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda, with Bwindi Impenetrable National Park alone hosting more than half the total world population of mountain gorillas. Uganda by far is the best destination for gorilla trekking, given the affordability and great experience coupled with more habituated gorilla families, over 19 gorilla families, which tourists can encounter on a gorilla trekking safari in either Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla national Park.

When Covid 19 broke out and got detected in March 2020, the country closed her borders and entry points to all foreign travel and visitors, as well as the national parks of Uganda especially the primate parks, in the bid to curb the spread of the deadly virus. In October 2020 however, Uganda opened her doors yet again to visitors, as well as opened up the national parks of Uganda to tourists to be able to yet again meet with the wild, with precaution of course.

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda during Covid 19 Period pandemic is indeed possible, with a number of precautions and guidelines in place, as well as requirements to be able to take part in gorilla trekking Uganda in this Covid 19 period. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about gorilla trekking Uganda Covid 19 period by travellers who would wish to experience the activity;

What is required for gorilla trekking Uganda Covid 19 period?

Above all else, having a secured gorilla permit was the most important requirement for gorilla trekking in Uganda before. With the current situation however, even with your gorilla permit secured, you cannot encounter the mountain gorillas if you do test positive for Covid 19. The Uganda gorilla trekking permit price is $700 for foreign non-residents, $600 for foreign residents, and ugx250000 for East African citizens. With the current Covid 19 era therefore, the most important requirements for Gorilla Trekking in Uganda during Covid 19 Period are having a gorilla trekking permit and a valid Covid 19 negative result, and with these in place, you should also consider the standard operating procedures that the Uganda Wildlife Authority put in place to protect both you and the dear endangered mountain gorillas. Face masks should be worn at all times, and one’s body temperature should be 37.5 and below. Also, social distancing is to be observed while on your gorilla trekking Uganda Covid 19 period safari. Important to note too, to trek gorillas in Uganda one should be 15 years and over.

Once in the park, you shall constantly sanitize, and your temperature be measured. Persons with more than 37.5 degrees Celsius temperature are excused from gorilla trekking. While gorilla trekking in your groups of 8, you are required to wear a mask which should either be an N95 type, surgical mask or even a cloth mask with a filter, once in the vicinity of the gorillas you shall sanitize yet again and also be mindful of a 10 metre distance during this Covid-19 period.

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda during Covid 19 Period
Gorilla Trekking Uganda

What are the current travel restrictions for tourists?

Currently, the borders of Uganda and the country’s main airport, Entebbe International Airport, is open for foreign tourists from all countries except India, to enjoy Gorilla Trekking in Uganda during Covid 19 Period. Travellers from countries with Covid Variant Strains like South Africa, Turkey, Brazil and the like but have negative PCR tests have to undergo yet another PCR test upon arrival at the Entebbe International Airport and other entry points of Uganda.

Travellers who are fully vaccinated from Covid-19 however do not need to carry out a PCR test upon arrival. Every travellers however still has to present a negative PCR test certificate of not older than 72 hours before their arrival time in Uganda. Do not be tempted to falsify your Covid -19 test result certificates, the authorities shall nab you and thus affect your travel plans.

What happens when I test positive for Covid-19 upon arrival, or at the end of my Uganda safari?

Travellers who do test positive upon arrival or at the end of their Uganda safari tour are required to self-isolate while catering for all their hotel and medical bills. The quarantine period is 14 days, but if you do wish to be repatriated to another country for Covid-19 treatment, it can be arranged for, at one’s own cost whilst following all the standard medical evacuation protocols.

From where can I test for Covid-19 before my departure flight from Uganda?

Upon ending your Gorilla Trekking during Covid 19safari, your tour operator shall be in position to take you to the best and right testing points, depending on your location. Most commonly used testing centres however include Test and Fly, and Lancet Laboratories among others, who even send your results through mil to not inconvenience you further. With your negative Covid-19 results with you, you can then proceed to catch your departure flight back home after enjoying a once in a lifetime Gorilla Trekking in Uganda during Covid 19 Period safari.

Where can I get valid Covid-19 travel guidelines for my gorilla trekking Uganda Covid 19 period safari?

Given that these guideline change often due to increased vaccination worldwide, it is best to keep in tabs with most recent guidelines, which can be got from official websites of airlines, as well as from a tour operator on ground who shall give you all the necessary information in regards to your Gorilla Trekking in Uganda during Covid 19 Period impending safari.

What is the best time to go gorilla trekking Uganda Covid 19 period?

The best time to go Gorilla Trekking in Uganda during Covid 19 Period is during the dry season which is also the peak season for travel, falling in the months of June through August, as well as December to February. Travelers can however still travel at any time, for as long as you are available for a Uganda safari, and have yourself a Gorilla Trekking in Uganda during Covid 19 Period encounter with the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

Gorilla Trekking during Covid 19 is indeed very possible, and yet enjoyable as well as you get to step out of the house and get time to re-encounter with nature after such a long time of lockdown and uncertainty. Get to breath in fresh air in the misty jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park while on your Gorilla Trekking in Uganda during Covid 19 Period safari. Including other destinations like Queen Elizabeth National Park for wildlife viewing and Kibale National Park for chimpanzee tracking is a great choice. Reach out to a reputable tour operator for an amazing and yet safe safari of gorilla trekking Uganda Covid 19 period, and more.

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