Uganda Gorilla Habituation

Uganda Gorilla Habituation in Rushaga

Uganda Gorilla Habituation in Rushaga; Mountain Gorillas are found in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo but most popular in Uganda and Rwanda. These three countries with their national parks are in Charge of protecting the only endangered mountain Gorillas left in the world.

Apparently, Bwindi forest national park is the only one that allows the gorilla habituation experience to take place for about 4 hours in its region of Rushaga. Rushaga is the only place where Gorilla habituation is allowed to take place from, which gives a chance to Tourists to live with this clicking unforgettable memory for life.

Each sector has Gorilla families and all these families are habituated but only two families are available for habituation in the Rushaga sector of Bwindi. Rushaga is located in the southern sector of Bwindi and is the most visited area when it comes to Gorilla trekking due to its big number of gorilla families. Other sectors include Ruhija, Buhoma and Nkuringo.

Habituation is a process which takes place for two years to train the mountain Gorillas how to live with Human being well they carry out their day to day activities in the wilderness. A maximum of 8 members / trekkers is allowed to visit the mountain Gorillas and only allowed to spend 1 hour with the habituated Mountain Gorillas.

Gorilla trekking is process which allows visitors to visit the Gorillas which are already habituated families where as Gorilla habituation allows visitors to spend 4 hours in the wilderness to train and teach mountain Gorillas. A maximum of 4 people are allowed for 4 hours during habituation whereas Gorilla trekking requires a maximum number of 8 with only 1 hour encounters.

Bwindi is a mountainous terrain therefore a lot of fitness is advised before trekking through the forest. Gorilla habituation experience permits cost USD 1500, more than the normal Gorilla trekking permits fee of USD 600. It is worthy spending you get time to experience the world apes in their habitat as you spend more time to observe and spot out different species including trees, plants, bird, primates and mountain views of Bwindi.

You ought to be 15 years or older to be able to engage in this activity. Booking your permit in advance is advised due to the scarcity and it would indeed be a great opportunity to allow us to organize a memorable gorilla habituation experience in Rushaga.

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