Gorilla families in Ruhija sector

Gorilla families in Ruhija sector; Ruhija sector is one of the four gorilla trekking sectors located in the eastern part of Bwindi impenetrable national park which is the one of the best destinations for gorilla trekking in Africa due to the fact that it harbors the highest number of mountain gorillas. Ruhija sector is a home of four gorilla trekking which are available for trekking on a daily basis namely.

Oruzogo gorilla family

Oruzogo is one of the gorilla families in Ruhija sector that is available for trekking. The gorilla family derives its name from a local plant known as Oruzogoto and it was opened for visitors in 2011 under the leadership of Tibirikwata silverback who made sure that the family is viable.

Oruzogo was the largest and most dominant gorilla family in ruhija sector with 19 members but the group split in 2021 where a silverback Kasimali left the group with some members leaving the group with only 10 members including 1 silverback, 4 black backs, 2 female adults, 1 sub-adult female, 2 sub-adult, 1 juvenile and 1 infant. Oruzogo gorilla family is an interesting gorilla group in Ruhija due to the playful energy of the juveniles who keep visitors entertained during trekking.

Gorilla families in Ruhija sector
Oruzogo gorilla family

Bitukura gorilla family

Bitukura is another gorilla family in Ruhija sector that is available for trekking daily. The gorilla family was named after the river where it was first sighted. Bitukura gorilla family was opened for tourism in 2008 and it’s a home of about 14 members including Karamuzi who is the dominant silverback, Rukumu silverback, Rukara silverback, Betina adult female, Ruhara adult female, Kamuga adult female, Kamuga adult female, Obia black back, Mugisha black back, Twakire juvenile, Kabandize juvenile, Kadogo infant, Mubwindi infant and a newborn baby.

Kyaguliro A and B gorilla family

Kyaguliro gorilla family yet another gorilla group in Ruhija sector. The gorilla family was one of the earliest gorilla families to be habituated in Bwindi impenetrable national park in 1995 but was used for research purpose. Kyaguriro was dominated by Zeus silverback at the time of habituation who was later banished by Rukina silverback who took over the group’s leadership. Rukina also got challenged by another silverback Mukiza who took some members from the group to form his own family. Kyaguriro gorilla family was later split into two groups in 2016 that is Kyaguriro A which is dominated by Rukara silverback as Rukina was struck by lightning in 2012 and Kyaguriro B which is dominated by Mukiza silverback and both gorilla families are usually seen in one area. Kyaguriro B was set aside for gorilla research and Kyagurio A is open for trekking with 15 members

Gorilla families in Ruhija sector can be viewed during the gorilla trekking experience which starts very early in the morning with a briefing about the rules and regulations to follow during trekking.  After the briefing, you will be subdivided into groups of 8 people where each group will be allocated a habituated gorilla family to trek and a park guide who is well conversant with different trails. Trekking of mountain gorillas in Ruhija sector takes about 30 minutes to 6 hours depending on where the gorillas are located because they like to move from one place to another in search of food. During trekking you will be able to view different bird species, other primate species, mammals, tree species among others and once the mountain gorillas are located, you will be allowed to spend one hour with them in their natural habitat which gives you an opportunity to learn more about their behaviors, habits, watch them carry out their daily activities like feeding, breastfeeding, grooming young ones among others.

Cost of gorilla trekking permits in Ruhija sector

Gorilla trekking permits in Ruhija sector cost 700 USD per person for foreign non residents, 600 USD per person for foreign residents and 250,000 USD per person for East African citizens.

How to book gorilla trekking permits in Ruhija sector

Gorilla trekking permits in Ruhija sector can either be booked directly through Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) where you will contact the park headquarters in Kampala via email or telephone calls.

Gorilla families in Ruhija sector
Gorilla tours in Ruhija sector

Gorilla trekking permits in Ruhija sector can also be booked through a trusted tour operator like Achieve Global Safaris where you will contact us with the dates, months and year when you wish to visit the mountain gorillas. After contacting us we will check for permit availability and if there are permits available on your dates, you will be asked to make a deposit. Once we receive the money, we will purchase permits on your behalf and send you a scanned copy of the receipt as confirmation.

How to get to Ruhija sector for gorilla trekking

Ruhija sector is located in eastern part of Bwindi impenetrable national park and can be accessed by road transport means whereby you will drive from Kampala, Masaka, Mbarara, Kabale and then to Ruhija sector which takes about 8 to 9 hours’ drive.

Ruhija sector can also be accessed from Kigali Rwanda where visitors will fly to Kigali international airport and then connect to Ruhija sector via Katuna border in Kabale district which takes about 3 to 4 hours’ drive.

Ruhija sector can also be accessed by air transport means where you will book charter or scheduled domestic flights with bar aviation or Aero link Uganda from Entebbe international airport to Kihihi airstrip and then connect to the Ruhija sector by road.

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