Flights to Bwindi

Flights to Bwindi : Among the best destinations is the outstanding Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, an exceptional adventure not to miss when you travel to Uganda. situated in kanungu, the southwestern part of Uganda, Albertine rift valley edge at an elevation ranging from 1160 to 2607 m, bordered in the western by democratic Republic of Congo, southeast by Kabale district, occupying an area of 331 sq meters at the highest points of kigezi Highlands with the highest and lowest parts being in Rwamunyongi and northern tip respectively, a dynasty of the great mountain gorillas contributing to almost a half population of the overall mountain gorillas worldwide. Accessible to all travelers coming from queen Elizabeth national game park is almost close. other primate species like chimpanzees, baboons, and mammals like elephants, antelopes are also at your disposal while there, and to the bird lovers; you have a variety of birds to appreciate.

When in Bwindi, there’s a lot to take part in light up that wild flame in you, among them is the gorilla trekking, an opportunity to spend some time with the gorillas, enjoy the atmosphere they love being in; the thick forest vegetation is where they love juggling from, you get to see a whole lot of scenery during your trek; hills, terrain, tree species that will spice every moment as you go towards the gorilla hangout area.  it is one of the life-changing experiences you should not miss. you get to live a life of a gorilla by just seeing their life in person, in the blink of your eyes. You can choose to take part in gorilla habituation, spend quality time with them without fear since there are your guides to ensure your safety, you get to study their behaviors. but to enjoy all these, you need a gorilla permit, simply a card that grants you a pass to continue to the wild to enjoy all the nature adventures waiting for you. you can purchase it and payment depends on nationality.

Flights to Bwindi

The stunning whole ambiance of the forest can be felt and experienced by taking a walk around the forest via the buhoma -nkuringo trail that takes you roughly 2-3 hours to view the forest’s scenery. with other trails like the ivi -river walk trail,habinyanga trail,munyanga walk trail too offering you the chance to explore the bwindi forest leading to a whole world of wonders, frogs, colourful butterflies, different monkey species, birds chirping and singing, the whole moment is magical and peaceful. Inside the forest, the bird lovers get the great opportunity to see the various birds.The community of locals in buhoma region portraying their culture, allows time to get to know the locals who live near the park,interact with them, share information and ideas. the presence of the batwa pygmy people can be noticed near the forest because they are believed to be the keepers of the forest, the original inhabitants of the forest before they were sent out from it, their cultural, building houses using local materials, hunting small animals, dances is something to see for yourself.

Biking is also an enjoyable activity you can do, accompanied by a tour guide to make every minute of your journey memorable, showing you everything interesting as you bike .

Getting yourself to bwindi forest national park is pretty easy,plus it’s open for travellers through out the can either take a bus from Kampala, kisoro to Kabale via kihihi which bridges you to bwindi impenetrable forest taking you something like 7 to 8 hours and then 1 hour from kihihi to bwindi impenetrable forest, abit so exhausting but worth it in the end or you can simplify your journey by taking a flight right from Entebbe airport facilitated by Aero link domestic flight operators hosting daily flights to kisoro and kihihi 3 times a can either choose to book a scheduled or chartered flight depending on your interest and budget giving the shortest time saving flight compared to using the road transport.

Travellers arriving in to Uganda, travelling to bwindi are catered for since aero links flights can adjust flights for you to suite your schedule depending on your taste and time entry into Uganda. From Entebbe you can book a flight that takes off at 7:00 am and lands in kisoro at 8:25 am, while in kihihi, flights take place 3 times a day; From Entebbe, the flight sets 7: 00 arriving at 8:45am,then 10:15 am arriving at 11:25am, lastly from 12:00 pm arriving at 2:45pm at kihihi airstrip giving you the shortest time to reach bwindi impenetrable forest national game park. you can book a flight with them and travel to the best mountain gorilla trekking destination giving a smooth and private journey most especially the chartered flights.

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