Birding in Bwindi Forest

Birding in Bwindi Forest

Birding in Bwindi Forest; Bwindi impenetrable national park is located in the southwestern part of Uganda at the edge of a rift valley and it’s a mist covered forest a rainforest which is the oldest national park in Uganda known to inhabit the mountain Gorillas left in the wild, Bwindi Forest lies in Kigezi a land of rolling hills and beautiful scenery.

Bwindi is the richest forest in East Africa with its known biodiversity in terms of trees, plants, butterflies and birds. The forest protects 400 species of plants, 350 bird species and 120 mammals.

Although Gorilla trekking is the main activity, however the forest gives a chance to bird lovers to have an opportunity to spot out different bird species and this has made Uganda one of the leading destinations for bird lovers in Africa.

The ancient Bwindi is a bird watchers haven which is composed of various natural habitat that support the survival of the birds in this habitat and therefore during your Gorilla trekking Bwindi will give you an opportunity to spot out various species of birds.

The bird species are usually enjoyed during the trek well visitors are entertained with sounds and melody of birds including the Grauer’s Rush Warbler, Western Green Tinkerbird, Chestnut-throated Apalis, Kivu ground-Thrush, Montane Oriole, African Green Broadbill, fine-banded woodpecker, short tailed warbler, Regal sunbird, collared Apalis, the shining African Blue, common Bulbul, impressing African Emerald, white-tailed Blue fly catchers.

Ruhija sector is the best place for Travelers on boarding destination and views of stunning bird species, which are entertaining, unique, with the opportunity of experiencing different birds feeding and roaming in Bwindi 24 hours.
The best time for birding is during early morning hours because more bird species one might view include western green Tinker, Rwenzori batis, flycatcher, cinnamon-chested bee-eater.

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