Agashya Gorilla Group

Agashya Gorilla Group

Agashya Gorilla Group; With more than 10 gorilla families, a maximum number of 8 people are allowed to trek a Gorilla family in Rwanda which makes a total tally of 80 gorilla permits per day. Each Gorilla family has something unique in terms of character and physical abilities and Agashya Gorilla Group is just one of these unique Mountain Gorilla families.

The Agashya Gorilla Group had a total of 13 members before but due to the great conservation success in Rwanda, this number later on increased to 25 members including 12 females, 3 black back gorillas and 7 off springs. This group was previously called the 13 group.

This group was named after a dominant Silverback called Agashya who won a leadership position after winning a battle against former group leader Nyakairima in one of the deadliest fights which occurred around the park.

After winning this do-or-die battle, Agashya decided to move his whole family to the top of the hills so that he couldn’t be disturbed by other any other intruders.

Agashya Gorilla Group is one of the most focused silverbacks amongst the rest and always strives so hard to increase the number of his family which partly explains why this family managed to move from just 12 to a total of 25 members in just a short span.

Agashya is a very protective leader as well and portrays exceptional qualities of a good leader among including the senses of danger where he fights extremely hard to protect his family.

He travels with his family everyday, which makes it hard at times for gorilla trekkers to locate this family only that the park rangers and guides move quite faster before the trekkers to locate where the family is carrying out its current day activities. Please take note that these are wild animals that keep roaming around the park.

Want to trek Agashya gorilla group? There are a total of 8 Rwanda gorilla permits available to track this group. Contact us in advance and we shall reserve these permits for you.

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