Bwindi Guest House

Bwindi Guest House

Bwindi guest house comprises of six guest houses and it is owned and operated by volunteers. Bwindi hospital is also available in the vicinity to help improve on the health of the community. It provides intensive services to the visitors and tourists worldwide. The Guest House was mainly built by volunteers who were handed over to maintain the guest house for the benefits of Bwindi community hospital.

All visitors at the guest house are offered a free tour to the hospital premises and the nursing school and are given information of the history of the Bwindi community hospital.

It is located at the Buhoma sector northwards of Bwindi impenetrable national park. The guest house offers a wide range of accommodation options depending on the travelers’ budget options depending on the traveler’s budget


Gorilla trekking
Mountain biking
Guided nature forest walks
Bird watching
Cultural visits to the batwa people


Bringing guest house offers six guest houses self contained rooms and shared accommodations and welcomes all visitors either alone, honeymoon family or groups.
The guest house provides blockier shaky house built by the late blockier in 2012 located adjacent to monkey house this is normally offered for travelers who would want privacy
Lower gorilla guest house situated at the parks boarder this was built by Kellerman and his wife in 2010 and offers a magnificent view to all Bwindi guest houses it’s also a five minute walk from the Uganda Wild life authority headquarters

Other houses in the guest house are Paul and Barbara’s house, middle gorilla guest house and upper gorilla guest house all established by volunteers continuing to the Bwindi community hospital


Free parking space
Bar and lounge
Camp fires
Laundry services
Free Bwindi community hospital tour

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